Frank Schilling Gave me a Ticket

frank schilling - kevin ham

Frank Schilling, Eric McFadden,  Dr. Kevin Ham

TRAFFIC East 2007 Miami


I believe that to be successful you must study what successful people are doing.

I read Franks blog, because I believe he has the information that I need to also be a success in the domain name business.


On Frank's blog (

 he wrote that someone he knew had 2 extra tickets to the TRAFFIC Show

If you wrote to him, he would give a ticket to two of his readers link

So I asked for one and he gave it to me.

Then he was kind enough to say this about me

Thank you Frank for this opportunity.

To main list of my domain names


TRAFFIC East 2007 Update:

         The theme of this conference was overwhelmingly:
"develop! develop! develop!"

I have sites that attract over 10,000 visitors a day. Yes a day! I see that there is a need to bring together the Domainers and the Developers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brings in loads of monitizable traffic, and the best part is it is all FREE

So how do you get free traffic?

Watch this video.




"Fortune favors the prepared mind"
Louis Pasteur

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